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I'm Jeffrey Eatley and I am a photographer.  

I create images that the voices in my head tells me to.  From Lafayette, Louisiana, and you should know that we work hard, play hard and love to have fun doing it.  No matter what the project is, my goal is always the same, to create something better than I did the last time.  There is never a day I am not trying to advance myself and my work to impress you.   

I was born to create no matter what tools I use to accomplish it.  A camera is just my tool of choice and I love every second of it.  

I have been blessed with an amazing wife and two beautiful little girls that have allowed me to practice with them to the point of driving them crazy.  With that being said, we know how wonderful it is to have awesome memories hanging on the walls of our home.  So many stories being told as we walk around the house and I want to share that with you.  

Wither it is my personality, work, or just dumb luck, I have be able to work with some amazing subjects. From Automotive to family portraits, they are all challenging and enjoyable to me.  I love telling stories.  

What will your story be, I don't know but I am looking forward to getting to know you and creating something special. You have made the first step by coming to my page, now let's take the next step and work together.  Contact me now. 

Oh, before we go to far, I would like to say thank you.  It is an extremely awesome honor to have someone allow me to create such a special thing as a portrait or image for them.  To be allowed into your life and make something that tells your story.  So thank you, Now contact me.